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  1. Hi,
    So a couple days before Halloween I got a new bunny. Over the summer my Other bunny died (he was about 10 years old) anyways the new bunny I have now (Pete) has been having weird poop. We’ve been keeping a eye on it and it kinda weird. We’re thinking that his previous owners didn’t give him greens often because when we feed Pete some his pool be come mushy and looks like a bunch of tiny wet Terd formed into a big Terd.
    So the previous owners always made sure his bowl was filled up with chow, so basically it’s a free buffet for Pete. We took away his chow and just have hime hay and carrots and it stopped but then the poop was orange and that was probably because of the carrots but I just don’t know what to do?
    From Maya + Pete the bunny

    • Those are cecotropes and are from eating too rich of food, food that he is allergic to, or too many calories. Pellets, carrots and fruit are the usual culprits. It is very harmful to overfeed your bunny, so you will want to pay attention to how many carrots you give him. Also, pellets are the most common reason for this problem. Changing pellet brands or amounts can do this, too. You will definitely want to figure this out because it is a symptom of improper diet and usually means you need to keep an eye on what they are eating.

  2. Hi i have a bunny i got it for christmas its been pooping wierd just like the picture i tried millions of things what can i do please help

    • A rabbit that poops like this is usually getting too much food and calories. It could be because he is sick, but most likely it is because he is being fed things that he should not eat. Too many pellets can cause this every time. I recommend getting some books about rabbits and reading about how to properly feed them. Remember, that most of the treats in the pet stores are bad for your bunny and will cause this, too. They need to eat lots of fresh grass hay. They do not need pellets at all, if they are getting a balanced salad each day.

  3. Hi I have a male rabbit about 6 years old and his poop look,s like this and is really smelly. He is kept in house we feed him bunny brunch. Is there any help you can give me any help would be appreciated

    • Most of the time if you are finding these around and your rabbit is healthy, it means that he is not eating properly.I recommend doing some reading about bunny diets and then comparing his diet to the optimal rabbit’s food intake. Most of what he eats should be grass hay. Most rabbits do not need very many pellets and too many cause this. It is the most common cause. Then fruit and treats will also cause this problem. What is probably happening is that your rabbit is getting too many calories from things other than his hay, which makes him not want to eat his cecotropes. When fed properly, your rabbit should eat almost all of these and not be leaving them laying around.

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