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4 thoughts on “Subscribe To My Email Newsletter

  1. Thank you, Stefan for all your wonderful information & advice. Since Timmy is my first bunny, I refer to your book alot.

    Too many years, too many miles. I wish I had gotten to know my family better. I only have memories of your family visiting NJ when we were kids.

    Love, Priscilla

  2. I came across the article about listening to your rabbits tummy on Facebook and shared it to my page. I was told by Kacie that you are an amazing friend and have a wealth of information concerning the care of bunnies. I trust her judgment. She gave my 1st foster bunny a furever home. 🙂 I look forward to reading your newsletters. Take care.


    • You should hear gentle gurgling inside your bunny’s tummy all the time. Their guts are in constant motion and if you put your ear to their stomachs, you will hear what I mean. If you don’t hear anything, that is not good. It usually means things have stopped moving and that they could be in stasis. If you hear loud popping noises, instead of the gentle gurgling noises that you should hear, then it could mean that they have gas. Some Baby Gas Drop (simenthicone) should be given to help relieve this painful gas from their gut.
      That is a very basic run down of how to listen to their tummies. Hope this helps.

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