What’s Up With Stew-pid People?

Seven buns out for a walk at the street fair last week.

As you know, I take my rabbits out of the house with me all the time and whenever I am at a large event with a lot of people, I always seem to hear the same stupid comment at least once during my outing: “MMmm, rabbit stew!”

Often I will hear this same ridiculous utterance a couple of times in the same day and I can never figure out why so many people feel compelled to make this ignorant statement. When I took my bunnies to the street fair last week, I was barely into the crowd when a guy stopped me to tell me that he used to raise rabbits… and then eat them! Then the fool goes, “YUM.”

Now I actually have no problem with rabbits who are raised for food and eaten. I am not a vegetarian and so I cannot expect other non-vegetarians to not eat rabbit. What I have a problem with is someone inferring that they want to eat my pet rabbit!

To me this is no different than if I was from an Asian country where they eat dogs regularly and coming up to an American to tell him that I want to eat his German Shepherd for lunch. I think it is a cruel and crass thing to say to someone about their pet, regardless if it is a dog, rabbit or pet pig.

Yet, rarely will a week go by when I do not hear someone tell me this. I find it appalling and rude, to say the least.

Most people say it as if they were making a joke, but more often than not, there is a slight tone of being mean spirited with their sarcastic statement. My wife and I are very quick to reply that we do not find this funny at all. Some people just smirk and laugh because they know that their arrow hit it’s mark.

I used to just ignore people when they used to say it to me, but I am a believer that ignorance should be painful and if I could give the person a Benny Hill slap upside the head, maybe it would make them think twice before saying that to another pet rabbit owner.

So please do me a favor; if you see me with my rabbits out for a walk in their strollers, please do not approach me to tell me that you want to eat my rabbits. It just tells me that you are truly a stew-pid person with no regards for other people’s feelings.

The Bunny Guy

4 thoughts on “What’s Up With Stew-pid People?

  1. ThaTs awful! I be mad too!
    Thank God I do not get comments like that for my bunnies (except for a super irritating friend) because here in Singapore we don’t eat rabbits.
    I believe my irritating friend comments about rabbit meat because he knows I love my bunnie beyond humanly possible 😉 I take that as a compliment.

    • That’s a great pmkiupn. I tried to stick my head in dad’s pmkiupn when it had a candle in, and he told me off. So I gave it a good chew on the face and then put my head in mum’s pmkiupn instead, because hers didn’t have a candle, and I could wear it like a spooky mask. Must have worked, because I got some treats!

  2. Where I live we dont eat rabbits, but still I get these comments… 2 of my neigbors so far have many times told me to faten my rabbits up (pretty slim as they exericise a lot with little to no pellets a day) so that they could make stew. I usually give them a dirty look and pick up my rabbit going inside. IM vegan so I dont approve of any kind of meat eating, wich they know and look down on me uppon.

    But most prople who see my rabbits enjoy them, had one who tody took a photo of my white and black baby Panda 🙂

    • Sorry that people find the need to be so cruel to you about your pets. I feel that it is no different than threatening to kill your neighbor’s dog, which of course everyone would agree is horrible. Just love your bunnies and ignore the ignorant people. One day they may change how they think from the example that you set for them that rabbits are intelligent loving pets worthy of respect and your attention.

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