The Bunny Guy - How To Successfully Live Indoors With A Pet Rabbit.
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About The Bunny Guy

I was not raised with rabbits. Nor was I raised with cats. The only pets I had growing up were a couple of collie dogs and a turtle. When I got to high school, I had a fish aquarium, but that is the limit of my pet animal experiences.

Years later, I was introduced to pet cats by several girlfriends and at the time I did not understand why anyone would want a pet that was so aloof and that would not do whatever it was told to do. Of course I now realize how immature that thought was.

When my wife Denise and I got married 25 years ago, she had many pets including around a dozen cats, a huge goldfish, a dog and a turtle. I think she taught me more than anyone, how much you can enjoy loving and caring for animals. My journey towards becoming an animal advocate was just beginning.

It was a few years later after I found my first rabbit running loose as a stray, that I had my first experience with a pet rabbit. Until then, every pet rabbit I had ever seen lived in a back yard hutch, so I built one for this little girl.

She was a very small lop ear angora who was all white with pink eyes. I never realized how special she really was at the time, but now decades later I have never seen another one like her. She loved being held and would jump out of her hutch into your arms. I now know that she was trying to tell me to get her out of that cage.

When she suddenly passed away after about 4 years, we did not get another bunny for about a year. We rescued another rabbit from a tiny back yard hutch who was being neglected. Since our first rabbit was named "Mrs. Bunners", we decided to name him Mr. Bunners, of course.

He is the rabbit who taught me that bunnies should live indoors. My wife hired a guy to build a huge hutch that was so big, my wife called it the condo. We used to joke that the only thing it was missing was a telephone.

At the time, we used to travel a lot but when we were not, we used to let Mr. Bunners run around on the patio during the day. He would come into the house and was pretty much ignored by our big dog and cats. He HATED having to go back to his condo at night or when we would leave the house, though.

I went out and bought a kid's playpen and set it up in the living room as a place for him to sleep at night indoors, so he would not have to go back out to his hutch. He could have gotten out of that thing any time he wanted, but was so appreciative of getting to stay inside that he never did.

Mr. Bunners lived with us close to 5 years and he suddenly got sick. I took him to our dog vet and he never made it home. I did not know at the time that there was such a thing as a rabbit specialist vet. We spent thousands on our pets in the past, so it was not a matter of cost, but more one of ignorance.

After we lost Mr. Bunners we approached the House Rabbit Society locally to see about adopting another rabbit. I had heard of them since getting our second rabbit and when I started letting him stay indoors most of the time, I liked the idea of the organization.

To my surprise, the House Rabbit Society turned us down for adoption because we were still too ignorant about rabbits to be good bunny parents. I went and bought a book about house rabbits and read it all. When I returned to the HRS to adopt, they gladly adopted a little girl rabbit to us named, Pamela.

She was a medium size Havana bun who was rather shy and reserved. I still had not completely grasped the nature of bunnies and how delicate they really were. I did not feed Pamela correctly and gave into the "treat trap" where she would beg for unhealthy treats and get them from me.

Pammy suddenly passed away from fatty liver disease which was caused by all the bad foods that I fed her. I later learned that she had simply been given too much nutrition for a rabbit her size. I had grown more attached to Pammy than any previous bunny and was pretty upset when I learned that I had ultimately caused her death.

My wife and I felt that we could not have loved her more and that it was solely due to ignorance that we had made so many mistakes with her.

This is when we decided to go on a mission and dedicate ourselves to educating the public about pet house rabbits. We both started working at our local Humane Society with the rabbits and became volunteers for our local chapter of the House Rabbit Society in San Diego.

We both now avidly participate in educational events where we can teach the public about rabbits. I always feel good when I go home knowing that I have changed some bunny's life for the better after talking to his parents.

To the end that I want to educate as many people as possible, I have written my book about rabbits. "The Bunny Lover's Complete Guide To House Rabbits" is going to reach thousands of people and hopefully change their rabbit's lives for the better.

This site is another extension of my mission to educate people. It is a mom and pop employing only my wife and I. We are only going to offer healthy safe rabbit supplies that we personally have used and would use with our own rabbits. Since I do not give my rabbits sweet sugary treats, you will not find them here on my site. Only the best of the best will be offered here.

We support our local House Rabbit Society and will continue to do so with a portion of the profits going to further their efforts.

The Bunny Guy