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MAKE A DIFFERENCE... Help Support Needy Rabbits

--- WE SUPPORT ---

When you donate to one of these organizations every penny of your hard earned money goes directly to help rabbits in need. These are all volunteer organizations without paid employees who save hundreds of rabbits each year through your donations. Over a thousand rabbits are spayed and neutered yearly by these groups. Many emergency medical needs are filled that would otherwise result in euthanasia for the bunnies if not for these rescue groups. Your donations really make a difference and 100 percent of each dollar goes to help rabbits.

  • National House Rabbit Society DONATE
  • San Diego House Rabbit Society DONATE
  • Lucky Bunny Rescue (SDHRS satellite) DONATE (designate Lucky Bunny Rescue)
  • Rabbit Advocates (Portland, OR) DONATE or VOLUNTEER
  • House Rabbit Resource Network (Austin, TX) DONATE or VOLUNTEER
  • Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (Whittaker, MI) DONATE or VOLUNTEER
  • Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue (San Gabriel, CA) DONATE or VOLUNTEER
  • Hop-A-Long Hollow (Norwalk, CT) DONATE or VOLUNTEER

  • If you have a rabbit rescue that you would like listed here, please submit through our CONTACT PAGE.