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My Best Advice For People Getting A New House Rabbit

My site and new book, "The Bunny Lover's Complete Guide To House Rabbits" were created to get the knowledge I have gained from being a rabbit educator to as many people as possible. Whether you are a novice or had rabbits for decades, I have found that you can always learn more about these intriguing creatures. I hope to take some of the mystery out of living with a pet bunny for you by sharing the secrets and tricks that will help make your life with an indoor rabbit better and more rewarding.

I can tell you from personal experience that no matter how long that you have pet rabbits, you will never learn about them by just "winging it". It is impossible. Waiting for your rabbit to teach you how to properly feed and take care of him is like trying to get your 2 year old child to teach you how to raise children. I think this is a perfect analogy.

Actively learning about rabbits is an important part of being a loving bunny parent. So many critical things, such as how to tell if your bunny is sick or how to litter box train your rabbit must be learned from others who know how. This is why I have chosen to be a rabbit educator. We need more people out there teaching the public the right way to live indoors with a pet bunny.

There are three good ways to learn about pet house rabbits and they are:
  • Take a rabbit class at a local shelter or House Rabbit Society chapter.
  • Get a good book about them (make sure that it's about HOUSE RABBITS, not rabbit breeding).
  • Join the House Rabbit Society and use their vast educational resources available online.
  •

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    Why a Book About Rabbits

    People frequently refer to me as the �The Bunny Guy,� but I was not always an expert with rabbits. It is surprising how many rabbit owners know very little about their charges. I too was totally ignorant about bunnies, even as I had my first several as pets. When I realized that I was part of the large majority of rabbit owners who loved their bunnies but did not really know how to properly care for them, I decided to go on a mission. Read more...

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    The Bunny Lover's
    Complete Guide To

    Get your copy of this brand new book!
    How I Became "The Bunny Guy"

    Long before I was �The Bunny Guy,� I was just like most people and knew very little about rabbits. My adventure learning about rabbits has been a journey, just like yours will most likely be. When I look back at where I started and how far I have come, it is easy to understand why most people need a book like this before they ever bring their first rabbit home. I have said before, many things about bunnies are not intuitive and I made many of the same mistakes that I have been coaching people about for years. In order to have a healthy, happy bunny, you will want to avoid these same mistakes. Read more...

    Why Rabbits Should Live Indoors

    By living near and paying close attention to your pet rabbit, you will be quick to notice that he did not want his salad or has not used his litter box that day, which are often the first signs your bun is not feeling well. If a rabbit is living alone outside in a cage, you will not see it when he huddles up in the corner in obvious pain and may discover his discomfort too late to save his life. Read more...

    FEATURE ARTICLE... The Bunny Guy's Thoughts About House Rabbits
    Cool Pet Rabbit
    Cool Pet Rabbit
    People Ask Me,
    "Why Does My Rabbit Do...?"

    Whether you have just gotten a new rabbit or have had them for years, you will find that learning about them is a journey. There is so much more to having a pet bunny than just tossing him some food and cleaning his abode once in a while. How you care for your pet bunny will directly affect his quality of life and longevity. If you truly care about your pet, you will make an effort to learn what to do and not to do for your bunny.

    This is why I highly recommend that you sign up for my FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, as a good start towards that goal. Not only will you make your pet house rabbit happier, but you will also help yourself avoid vet bills and save money, too. Many common rabbit ailments are a result of improper care and housing. There is a lot to learn, if you want to have a high chance at successfully living indoors with a pet rabbit (learn why rabbits should live indoors).

    My articles and stories are all about subjects that you, as a pet rabbit owner, should be well versed in. The challenge for rabbits is what you don't know WILL hurt them, so you will most likely being doing lots of harmful and wrong things out of ignorance, until you learn the things I want to teach you.

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    Are You A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

    These are just some of the basics that all rabbits owners need to know. That is a lot of stuff to catch up on, if you already own a pet bunny. These topics that should be learned BEFORE you ever take on a rabbit as a pet. You will find that once you have a basic knowledge of rabbits, then your journey continues on, as you discover the many complexities and even the personality quirks of your own pet.

  • How To Safely House Your Pet Bunny
  • Bunny-Proofing Your Home & Rabbit Abode Area
  • What Is A Healthy Diet For A House Rabbit
  • What Is Toxic For Your Bunny
  • How To Choose A Rabbit Specialist Vet
  • Litter Box Set-Up & Training
  • How To Know If Your Rabbit Is Sick
  • Socializing & Playing With Your Rabbit
  • Rabbit Communication - Language & Signals
  • Intermediate and advanced rabbit care knowledge, usually comes out of necessity, because eventually almost all rabbit lovers run into challenges that go beyond the basics. Each rabbit teaches us something different. It helps a lot, when people like myself share our many experiences so that others may learn, too. I know that if you love your bunny, that you will want to be able to help him and even possibly save his life, when some rabbit crisis occurs. I can tell you that it truly helps to be prepared and when it comes to rabbits, what you don't know WILL hurt them.

    It takes a real effort to be proactive. One way to do this is by joining rabbit groups and lists and learning. One such list is the one for the FREE THE BUNNY GUY NEWSLETTER. You can opt to receive without any obligation and cancel it at any time. I am sure you will find it informative and worthwhile reading. Another great way to become more educated is to get your hands on several good books about rabbits and read them. All long journeys begin with the proverbial "first step". If you already have a pet rabbit, then you cannot procrastinate.

    I am sorry to say that many people do not consider this, until it is too late and disaster strikes. In fact for many people, if they had done their homework prior to obtaining a pet rabbit, they might have decided that a rabbit was not the right pet for them. Having a pet bunny is not for everyone.

    So often when chatting with the public, I learn that getting their first rabbit was an impulse. They saw a cute bunny for sale somewhere and moments later were the proud owners of a new baby bunny. Others tell me how they rescued a stray rabbit running loose somewhere. These stray bunnies are most likely the ones who were set free by the first group that I just mentioned, when they realized that their "impulse" had gone terribly wrong.

    These impulse rabbit disasters could be prevented if knowledge about rabbit care was as widely known in the public as say, dog or cat care. Most dog owners know what to feed their dog and how to care for him. Sadly, I would say that more than half of pet rabbits do not have owners who are quite so educated, even about basics. Most rabbit owners I meet still feed their bunny only pellets. Most still house their pet in a backyard hutches, exposed to the elements and predators.

    I understand that the only way we can change this, is to make the information widely available and over time the public will become more savvy. The easy way to get all of this information is to buy my new book, "The Bunny Lover's Complete Guide To House Rabbits" which is available in print or digital download in many formats. All of the basics and many advanced techniques are described in both words and the many pictures, such as how to pick up your rabbit or trim his toe nails.

    Many of you do not want to spend $10 or $20 to buy a book, so that is why I have decided to publish this critical knowledge to my newsletter subscribers for FREE. Let me help make your journey easier and more enjoyable at the same time. REGISTER NOW.

    The Bunny Guy


    Share Your Thoughts & Experiences

    Do you have a tip or trick that you have learned that you would like to share with others? Did you have something to add to my feature story or article? Send me your thoughts and maybe I will be able to help you share them with others. Suggestions for future feature articles are very welcome.

    Get Involved In Your Area

    Do you want to find other like-minded people in your area who share your love for rabbits? Visit the national House Rabbit Society website to find the closest local chapter of this awesome rabbit-centric group. Visit their page listing all of the local chapters and follow their link to the chapter website nearest to you. Contact them to find out how you can get involved.

    Help Support Rabbit Education & Rescue

    My two favorite non-profit rabbit charities are the San Diego House Rabbit Society and the Lucky Bunny Rescue in Riverside Co. California. They are two rabbit rescue groups who are truly non-profit and every penny donated goes exclusively towards helping rabbits. No one in either organization takes a paycheck and all work is done by volunteers who love rabbits. You can donate to either organization with peace of mind that your hard earned money is all going to needy bunnies and their care.


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