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How To Keep Your Rabbit Healthy Through Diet

Your rabbit requires a high fiber diet that is low in starches and sugars. He also needs it to be relatively low in calcium, fat and protein which is why rabbits are not usually fed alfalfa unless it is prescribed by your vet (usually for young or senior buns).

This is why at least 80 percent of your bunny's diet should be grass hays, preferably timothy hay or orchard grass. Other grass hays are not as good for your rabbit and should normally not be the majority of their diet. Do not give your rabbit the gourmet hays because he will pick out all of the "good" parts and leave the rest. Often people who feed these gourmet hays will wonder why their rabbit will not eat hay.

Pellets are not necessary in your rabbit's diet. If you feed your rabbit pellets, they should be timothy hay pellets and given judiciously. Pellets are very dense nutrition and they replace a lot of fiber and hay in his diet, which is not a good thing. Between an eighth and a quarter cup is the most you should feed your rabbit daily, depending on his size. Remember, they are not needed at all and that rabbits on a high pellet diet have more health issues and do not live as long as ones who are not given so many.

A daily salad of fresh leafy green vegetables should be given according to the size of your rabbit. Their salad should be equal to twice the size of his head, once a day. Do not feed your rabbit wilted or slimey greens as they can be toxic and make your rabbit sick.

Great care must be taken when giving your bunny treats. Too often, treats high in carbohydrates (sugars and starches) are given which can not only upset your rabbit's delicate digestive system, but they can replace a large amount of healthy nutrition such as his high fiber hay.

I recommend refraining from sweet treats and fruit and offering your rabbit healthier alternatives. Portion control is critical and very small treats are best.

Rabbits are the consummate beggar and they will learn how to "beg" treats from you. You must not fall into the "treat trap", delivering highly caloric treats to your bun every time he "asks" for them.

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